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adopt Q&A

Q. why are your adopts so expensive?
A. they actually are not, my prices are based on the time i put into each adopt (1-5 hours) i charge about 200p per hour on my adopts (working wage here is 8usd an hour, i work for 1/4th of that, about 2usd an hour) not counting the time it takes to prep the base

Q. why do you only hold for 24 hours?
A. most of my adopts sell in the first three days, after that they generally sell very slowly or not at all, i only hold for 24 hours because holds are likely to be abandoned and i only have a short time to get my adopts out there

Q. why don't you have a set upload time? where did the set i bought from go??
A. i put up new sets as old ones go down. i generally have 7 or less open at a time and as sets sell i remove them from my gallery. i do leave up stash'd adopts indefinitely though so DO save the notes with your unwatermarked images

Q. why do your rules say can't i resell adopts i buy from you?
A. this may change in the future but for now i see too many people selling adopts that they either don't have permission to sell or don't know the creator of and so cannot get permission. i would rather people did not buy my adopts because i don't allow resells then to 'forget' i made them and then sell them off to others who then get reported for 'stealing' my designs for sale because i was never notified of the transaction. i allow gifting because it is clear who is taking my adopts illegally when the designs are not allowed to be resold to begin with

Q. can i post the adopt i bought on my da/website/ect?
A. of course! if you buy it and i am credited as the creator you can post it anywhere you would like<3

Q. can i mod the adopt i bought? pretty please? can you?
A. you can totally mod any adopts you've bought however you want and if you can't mod but want to then you can totally ask me to<3 usually i charge a small fee but i want you to be happy and would gladly see the adopt 'fixed' than see it mouldering in stash never to be used

Q. i want free adopts! i've seen you give them away before!
A. short answer is 'no' the long answer is that i rarely give adopts away for free and i ONLY give them to personal friends, people i am doing trades with and people who buy a lot of art/adopts in a short span of time.

Q. do you do mature adopts? what if i bought an adopt and i want an MA version?
A. i generally do not do them but i am always open to making MA versions for a small fee at the time of adoption, feel free to ask when buying

Q. i don't want to pay money for your adopts. plenty of people give them away for free and you should to. i don't think it is wrong to just take what i want, what's the big deal?
A. the big deal is that is STEALING you are outright stealing from me and breaking the law when you do it. don't steal from me(or anyone else). it is wrong and actively hurts me when i cannot pay for my internet, my hospital bills(and there are a lot of them) or for my meals. show a little respect, please

Q. i bought an adopt, can i use it for rps?
A. if you credit me as the creator of the art then you can do whatever you'd like for it, as long as i am credited it is a-ok to use it for rps

Q. can i trace my adopt to make art?
A. something like 3/4ths of my adopts are made on base(both my own and other peoples') so no. just go use the base, it will save you lots of time and arguments

Q. i don't want my adopt anymore, what should i do?
A. well, i do not do buybacks but i do let buyers trade or gift adopts to others so if you know someone who might want it you can pass it along to them, just remember i DO still require credit and notification of the transaction. i have had a few people not do this and it got kind of messy

Q. can i use the adopt i bought to make more adopts?
A. depends on how you go about it. send me a note first and let's talk

Q. my question was not answered, help?
A. if you have more questions please feel free to note me. i am on almost every day so i will get back to you within 24 hours with an answer

advice for selling art/adopts on da

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 16, 2016, 8:26 AM
so someone on da wanted to quit because people were not buying their art, i gave them some advice that has served me well and while the jury is out on what they think of the advice i gave i am thinking that it might help you guys some too.

(for people just trying to find my commission journal it is here;
commissions )

now, keep in mind that the numbers are approximate not exact, style and skill and age of the account also affect the numbers but this is a working measure for a good number of persons in the 'mediocre' art range(the range i and most of my friends sit in). i have also structured it to be easier to read and expanded on parts;

getting commissions on da is as hard as getting them irl

if you are not selling art then you need to consider /why/ it's not selling. don't think of da as a place where money oozes from the walls and buyers are everywhere, understand that there are, at any given time, for every single buyer of art there are 19 other people who can offer the same work you can and odds are some of them can do it better or cheaper or faster than you.

don't give up but also don't fall into the trap of thinking it's a personal strike against your art when people don't buy. i mean, how often do /you/ have money to spend on the hundreds of thousands of great artists on da all competing for your dollars/points?

it takes hours or days of daily trekking about and finding a buyer and if you are not spending at least 2 hours every single day peddling your journal(through clubs, posting on search journals or just asking around) you are not likely to sell any commissions. keep in mind though, if you do not make a sell it does not mean your art is 'worthless' or that 'all' buyers are stingy, greedy dicks it means that today you did not beat the spread. try again tomorrow.

there are hundreds of thousands of adopts on da

a search for 'human adopt' brings up 94,279 results, 'feral adopt' has  12,964, 'anthro adopt' has 49,838 and 'monster adopt' has 38,215. putting 'adoptable' without any modifier comes up with a whopping 2,362,928 results. even if you halve those numbers to account for miscats and closed adopts we are talking about more than a million adopts that can be pulled up just by clicking the search engine. this gets even crazier when you take into account that many people do not use the tag system and ONLY submit to clubs, if a person is going in without any direction stronger than 'i want a cute human' or ' want a green slime' then the odds of them ever seeing your adopts is about nil especially if you are not taking advantage of every option available to you. you /must/ get your art to the buyer if you ever want even a chance of them buying. simply posting an adopt sheet is not going to cut it

paying adopters are not magical unicorns but they are just as rare

they are not innately able to conjure up the knowledge that somewhere some person they have never heard of has the perfect adopt for them. you need to go to /them/. just assuming they are going to find you is not going to work, i do not mean however that you should be spamming strangers either. you need to post the art where people can easily see it. if you do not have a +5k watcher list it's not likely that word-of-mouth alone is going to get you far and with the average time on the front page being only as long as a single click of the mouse your odds of getting more than one or two hits from non-watchers is even less likely. the best(currently) way to get hits is tagging your work for easy searching and posting to clubs

tagging is pretty basic but it's also often neglected. if you do not tag your art it will NOT show up in a search, if you don't tag all relevant details when they are looked up the art will NOT show up for them, as an example looks at this adopt;
sweet kimono adopts OPEN REDUCED by tenchibaka
just looking at it you see that the adopts are for humanoids so a search should contain human and/or humanoid you could possibly add anthro /but/ since this would not fit many anthro bodies it would be better to leave it out. the adopt is also very clearly just kimonos and yukata. this means that putting in kimono, yukata, clothes, clothing, outfit or robe would be good as well as any colors that are prominent on the adopt but something like dress, shorts or bikini or a color that does not show up would not. the adopt is also on a chibi base and can be customized on request so even though they are not technically necessary if you wanted you could also add custom and chibi to the search though base would not be a good choice. something that is super easy to forget is putting 'open' and 'adopt' in the search, those are super important since one or both is likely going to be put in the search and you want your adopt to show up.

clubs /are/ a valuable asset but are not a guarantee

 if a club has 25 members only 1 of them is actually watching the club keeping this in mind for every club you submit to you'll only get between +1 and +20 views.. for every 20-40 views you get you'll get between 1 and 2 favorites, for every 10 favorites you'll get a 50/50 coinflip of someone buying an adopt(on sheet adopts with between 3 and 6 adopts at least, the numbers on one-offs and bulk sheets is a lot more complicated). this means that to sell one adopt it has to get between 200 and 400 views. if you are not getting 200-400 views on each adopt sheet you are not likely to sell said adopts short of spending a couple hours a day physically visiting people who are known for buying adopts in your currency preference and hoping at least one visits you back. i recommend whole-heartedly that you submit your adopts to at /least/ 20 clubs for every adopt on the sheet, personally i put mine in 60-120 clubs per sheet

don't give up if things still dont sell

seriously, even the best advice in the world is not going to help everyone and for some people this still is not going to be enough and all i can say to that is to look at what you are doing and see where you are lacking. are you excelling in at least one of the four cornerstones of selling(cheap, high-quality, fast or unique)? are you posting regularly?
do you have current examples of what you can/will do(less than 60 days)? are you making sure to be social and keep good relations with buyers, potential buyers and just people in general(not begging or threatening people or ignoring favs/comments)? are you treating yourself with respect(not underselling your work or putting yourself down publicly)? are you keeping an eye on current market trends? are you listening to what people are asking of you? you have to build a reputation for being a hard-working, honest, and tolerable person just as much as you need to have art to sell. nothing happens in a vacuum and the way you conduct yourself and the way you treat the world around you is going to heavily influence your ability to sell your art. you no different from a store in this regard and rest assured noone will shop in a store where the merch is constantly out of stock or out of date, the prices are too ridiculous(high or low) or the cashier gives you nasty looks

tl;dr/in conclusion

selling art is hard, you either have to have an amazing reputation or an amazing product to sell easily and for most of us that is a long way away so diligence and effort are going to be the best tools you have and assuredly you will need them. don't give up, dont get surly just keep working at it and work at it just as hard as you would at any other job(and for sure if you are trying to make money it IS a job)


which is the most important to you(when buying) 

28 deviants said an adopt that you can draw
6 deviants said -dont buy adoptables-
4 deviants said an adopt that other people can draw
4 deviants said an adopt that is complicated
2 deviants said an adopt that is popular



check out my tumblr!

a lot of my photos and commissions don't make it to da, check them out here;


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