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do you like femmy boys(aka males with andro or girlish bodies, sometimes in drag) 

48 deviants said i do
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5 deviants said i do not

check out my tumblr!

a lot of my photos and commissions don't make it to da, check them out here;


adopt Q&A

Q. why are your adopts so expensive?
A. they actually are not, my prices are based on the time i put into each adopt (1-5 hours) i charge about 100-200p per hour on my adopts (working wage here is 8usd an hour which is well under living wage) not counting the time it takes to prep the base

Q. i want free adopts! i've seen you give them away before!
A. short answer is 'no' the long answer is that i rarely give adopts away for free and i ONLY give them to personal friends, people i am doing trades with and people who buy a lot of art/adopts in a short span of time. this is quite literally my only job

Q. i don't want to pay money for your adopts. plenty of people give them away for free and you should to. i don't think it is wrong to just take what i want, what's the big deal?
A. the big deal is that is STEALING you are outright stealing from me and breaking the law when you do it. don't steal from me(or anyone else). it is wrong and actively hurts me when i cannot pay for my internet, my hospital bills(and there are a lot of them) or for my meals. show a little respect, please

Q. why do you only hold for 24 hours?
A. generally holds are abandoned/forgotten after the first day or two and i only have a short time to get my adopts out there and i cannot do that if someone has half my adopts on hold for 'just in case' making it impossible for real buyers to get them

Q. where did the set i bought from go??
A. i generally have 10 or less adopt sheets open at a time and as sets sell i remove them from my gallery. i do leave up stash'd adopts indefinitely though so DO save the notes with your unwatermarked images

Q. why do your rules say can't i resell species adopts i buy from you?
A. this may change in the future but for now i see too many people selling adopts that they either don't have permission to sell or don't know the creator of and so cannot get permission. i would rather people did not buy my species adopts because i don't allow resells then to 'forget' i made them and then sell them off to others who then get reported for 'stealing' my designs because i was never notified of the transaction. i do allow selling of regular adopts though

Q. can i post the adopt i bought on my da/website/ect?
A. of course! if you buy it and i am credited as the creator you can post it anywhere you would like<3

Q. can i mod the adopt i bought or only use part of it? pretty please?
A. you can totally mod/dissect any adopts you've bought however you want and if you can't mod but want to then you can totally ask me to<3 usually i charge a small fee but i want you to be happy and would gladly see the adopt 'fixed' than see it mouldering in stash never to be used

Q. do you do mature adopts? what if i bought an adopt and i want an MA version?
A. i do not often make them but i am always open to making MA versions of regular adopts for a small fee at the time of adoption, feel free to ask when buying<3

Q. i bought an adopt, can i use it for rps?
A. if you credit me as the creator of the art then you can do whatever you'd like for it, as long as i am credited it is a-ok to use it for rps

Q. can i trace my adopt to make art?
A. no. please draw your own art or if you are absolutely in love with the pose go buy the base, a good percentage of my adopts are on a base. if you cannot find the base then ask

Q. i don't want my adopt anymore, what should i do?
A. well, i do not do buybacks but i do let buyers sell, trade or gift adopts to others so if you know someone who might want it you can pass it along to them, just remember i DO still require credit and notification of the transaction. i have had a few people not do this and it got kind of messy

Q. can i use the adopt i bought to make more adopts?
A. depends on how you go about it. i generally allow breeding of non specie adopts but send me a note first and let's talk

Q. my question was not answered, help?
A. if you have more questions please feel free to note me. i am on almost every day so i will get back to you within 24 hours with an answer

commissions open

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 13, 2017, 10:59 PM
yes, i do nsfw and fetish. and i take both paypal and points though paypal is preferred, thanks

osaysan by tenchibaka
All art Commissions come with flat color UNLESS specified otherwise
If you do not see what you are looking for OR if you are wanting to buy a comic commish feel free to ask about it!
also feel free to commission me via note if you don't feel comfortable posting on this journal, make sure to put 'commission' as the title for the note <3

 there is no waiting list because most commissions will be done within than 24 hours of payment<3

Snowdude by tenchibaka

sketchy art:

cartoony or regular shoulder-up = 200p/2usd
cartoony or regular half-body = 300p/3USD
large cartoony or large half-body = 500p/5USD
fullbody = 500p/5USD
large fullbody = 700p/7USD
basic scene(interaction with simple bg) =800-1000p/8-10USD
complex scene(interaction with detailed bg) =1000-2000p/10-20USD

Huberity by tenchibaka

solid art:

50x50, 50x100 or 100x100 icon = 200p/2USD
100x200 or 200x200 icon = 300p/3USD
200x400 OR linked icons(any size) = 400p/4USD
shoulder-up = 300p/3usd
half-body = 400p/4USD
normal fullbody = 500p-1000p/5-10USD
LARGE fullbody(taller than 700pixels) = 1000p-2000p/10-20USD
x-LARGE fullbody(taller than 1100pixels) = 2100p-5000p/21-50USD
as reference sheet = 1000p/10usd to 5000p/50usd. please send a note first on reference details to get a proper estimate!

Dregg by tenchibaka Ekiben by tenchibaka


+ shading = +100p/1USD
+ shading(large art) = +200p/2USD
+ the uncolored lineart = FREE(just ask)
+ color-only background = +100p/1USD
+ simple background = +250p/2.50USD
+ simple background(large art) = +400p/4USD
+ complex/detailed background = +500p/5USD
+ complex background(large art) = +800p/8USD
+nude/smut version(any size) = +200p/2USD
+nude/smut/ ver(art costing more than 2000p/20usd) = FREE(just ask)
+blood/gore version = +200p/2USD
+big wings/tail/accessory = +100p/1USD
+simple animation = +100p/1USD(icons only)
+big wings/tail/accessory(large art) = +300p/3USD
+1 additional character(up to 8) = +50% (for 500p/5usd it would be +250p/2.50usd per extra char, for 1000p/10usd it would be +500p/5usd per extra char.)

nothe by tenchibaka

Other info:

If you are not wanting your commission posted publicly (stash only) it will be an extra +100p/1usd for small or medium arts and +300p/3usd for large ones(posting finished commissions is my only form of advertising).
payment is ALWAYS UP FRONT which means I need to be paid before I start on the commission.

Please also note that once bought you may re-upload your commission onto your own online accounts(you need to credit me by putting tenchibaka somewhere in the description and if at all possible linking back to my da in some way),  if/when you re-upload and credit me it would also be nice to credit any stock I used if I have used it though that is not required(if i used a reference it will be posted in the deviation's description), you may make edits to the commission, crop it, make avatars/icons or otherwise modify to your heart's content FOR YOUR OWN PRIVATE USE.
this does NOT mean you can make new art from the commission(aka no making bases or heavily referencing the commission to make art for others) the only exception to this is making 'children' for your ocs and breeding adopt offspring(requires another partner, please no cloning)
Art under 700p/7usd will occasionally be made from one of MY bases, all art may be made with a stock reference.
I will never use bases or images I am not legally allowed to use(no anime bases or things traced or stolen from google)
Any art you get from me will be legitimate and legal and if references are used they will be credited as such.
Your commission from me will never infringe on copyright or violate the rights of another artist.
Amphra by tenchibaka

Dos and do nots:

what I will not draw;
copyrighted characters(like the 11th doctor, pokemon, knuckles or yoda), also known as fanart
celebrities(like beyonce or neil patrick harris)
non-consensual play
anything MLP/fnaf(even if it is an 'original' creation)
hardcore hetero/yuri smut(with some exceptions, i cannot draw girly bits)
labial spreading
visible vaginal insertion

(i'm usually pretty open, if you need to ask please do so in a note.)

what I will draw;
anthros and semi-ferals
light to moderate het/lesbian smut/nsfw
light to moderate female smut/nsfw
hardcore gay smut/nsfw
hardcore male smut/nsfw
avatar art
irl persons(you or those that you know personally, just note first)
bodily fluids(note me first)
non-organic lifeforms
non-sentient things(like rocks and trees and dolls)
custom adopts/designs
closed species(that you already own)
dismemberment(note me first)
base(no traces)
colorable linearts
animated pagedolls
rp art(no google/imr/tumblr/photobucket'ed refs please)

 (If you do not see what you are looking for please note me instead, chances are i will indeed do it)

stardust cowboy by tenchibaka

even more stuff

for those who are just wanting outfits i have a separate pricelist;

2usd(per pose) expressions art (+1usd per when you buy more than 3)
Expression Bust Examples
WHM meet the baddies -the grizzly-
WHM meet the baddies -the goblins-

3usd(per pose) basic outfit customs (+1usd for a custom base)
Custom Basic Outfits Example 1
Custom Basic Outfit Example 2
Custom Basic Outfits Example 3
Custom Basic Outfits Example 4

4-7usd(per pose) standard outfit customs (+2usd for a custom base)
Custom Standard Outfits Example 1
Custom Standard Outfits Example 2
Custom Standard Outfit Example 3
Custom Standard Outfit Example 4
Custom Standard Outfits Example 5

8-25usd(per pose) one-off outfit customs (drawn on oc upon request)
Custom One-Off Outfit Example 1
Custom One-Off Outfit Example 2
Custom One-Off Outfit Example 3
Craiys -updated- by tenchibaka
   thank you for giving this journal a look and if you have any questions or concerns(before, during or after) don't hesitate to let me know. buying art is about YOU, treat yourself right<3<3





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advice for people selling art/adopts


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